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July 3, 2019
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November 6, 2019
Trade Show Planning Check List

Trade Show Planning Check List


Creating a trade show planning check list is not a quick process. For those of you who are exhibiting veterans or newcomers to planning trade shows the following trade show planning check list is a helpful guideline to help you plan ahead.


12 Months Out:

  • Ask yourself why you’d want to exhibit at a trade show
  • Pick which show(s) are best for your company
  • Determine the size of the raw space you’ll need
  • Establish a show budget

6 Months Out:

  • Review your show goals
  • Look into vendors for renting or purchasing a booth
  • If you own a booth, check all parts and graphics
  • Plan pre-show marketing/advertising

4 Months Out:

  • Order your giveaway items
  • Create the literature and marketing materials
  • Choose booth staffers
  • Start planning preshow marketing
  • Finalize booth design/floor plan

3 Months Out:

  • Review Exhibitor Manual
  • Create a show due date calendar, target move in/out times, set up/dismantle days, show discounts, etc.
  • Implement show related marketing
  • Make travel reservations

2 Months Out

  • Prepare all service orders for discount pricing (Include electrical, electric labor, hanging sign, cleaning, lead retrieval, etc)
  • Finalize graphics and start production
  • Organized booth staff schedule and order badgets
  • Prepare briefing package for booth staff
  • Order business cards if needed
  • Make dinner reservations for taking out clients/staff

1 Month Out

  • Confirm installation and dismantling schedule
  • Preview of the booth set up
  • Prepare items for shipping to the show
  • Build out booth kids (office materials, markers, first aid, box cutters)
  • Conduct pre-show briefing with show team
  • Create binder with paperwork, order confirmations, payment receipts

1 Week Out

  • Confirm freight arrival
  • Confirm reservations for hotels, meeting rooms or catering
  • Create show schedule for staff
  • Comprise appointment list
  • Decide on staff attire
  • Test videos or demos

Show Arrival

  • Confirm arrival of display, equipment and literature
  • Pre show meetings with staff
  • Merchandise booth
  • Set up videos, equipment of demos
  • Pick up lead retrieval unit

Check out Exhibit Potential for more information on the trade show planning process.