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Trade Show Packing List

Trade Show Packing List

As we finally start to return to the world of trade shows (yay!), we want to prepare you to take on the event at full force. Whether you’re a first timer or just need to refresh your memory after a long year off, we’ve got a comprehensive list of packing must-haves to guarantee success for your trade show booth in Las Vegas NV. Welcome back, and get ready to pack!


Business Cards

It seems obvious, but you can never have too many business cards. The whole point of trade shows is to network and publicize your business, so stock up on stacks of business cards and share them every chance you get. P.S. It’s worth double checking to make sure your cards are up to date with both information and branding.



If you plan on passing out swag at your booth (and we recommend you do!), make sure you’re fully stocked before you head out. Freebies are a great way to draw visitors to your booth, inform them about your business, and stay on their radar long after the weekend passes. Make sure your freebies have your logo and contact information so the people who take them can get in contact with you after the trade show. Who doesn’t love some free merch?!


A Craft Kit

No, not the typical crayons and glue sticks you may be thinking of. A craft kit in this case requires a box cutter or scissors, several kinds of tape, markers, pens/pencils, a loaded stapler and some sticky notes or notepads. You never know when you’ll have a booth malfunction and need to do some last minute DIY construction, and if you think you’ve packed enough pens, we promise you haven’t. A well-stocked craft kit can be the difference between a total disaster and a close call.



At any networking event, you want to not only market your product, but yourself. Gum and mints, deodorant, floss, and a stain stick are sure to save you at least once or twice throughout the weekend. Pro tip: throw in some ibuprofen, band aids, hand sanitzer and eye drops for good measure. 


Last but not least... your #1 must-have for any great trade show is your set-up! Your booth says a lot about your business. From signage to structure, Exhibit Potential can bring your booth to life. For all your needs regarding booth design, trade show booth, or exhibition booth in Las Vegas NV, visit https://exhibitpotential.com/ today.

Exhibit Potential is a full-service, custom design, fabrication and management trade show exhibit company. Our extensive start-to-finish services, experience, knowledge and resources will help take the stress out of your next trade show experience.
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