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Trade Show Booth Ideas For Small Budgets

Trade Show Booth Ideas For Small Budgets

Having a trade show booth Los Angeles CA can be a costly process! However, do not let the finances steer you away from your dreams. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to successfully have a booth on a budget!


Allocate Your Costs

The first step in having a successful trades show booth is properly allocating your costs. Your booth space should take up a large space of your budget. Another cost to consider is travel expenses if the trade show destination is one that must be traveled to. In this case you may need to arrange airfare and a hotel space. You may also need to ship your supplies and materials depending on where the destination may be. Another expense is the visual aspect of your trade show booth and if you want to include any sort of items to give away to those who visit your booth. This could include T-shirts, pens, tote bags or whatever you would like that still fits in your budget! This is a great way to leave a memorable mark on those who visit your booth.


Tabletop Displays

Using a tabletop display is a great way to save money on your trade show booth design Los Angeles CA. This may be one of the more simpler display methods but it does an efficient job of getting you a space at the trade show without breaking the bank.


Booth Size

Choosing the right booth size is another way to efficiently budget your money when designing your trade show booth. You may want to choose an in-line booth, peninsulas, an end-cap, islands or even double deckers (proexhibits.com). The choice is up to you and your specific business needs. 


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