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Trade Show Do’s and Don’ts - Trade Shows Anaheim Ca

Trade Show Do’s and Don’ts - Trade Shows Anaheim Ca

Trade Show Do’s and Don’ts - Trade Shows Anaheim CA

Trade shows are a great way to attract new potential customers and drive traffic to your business. It is important to have everything well prepared and to optimize all your assets in order to attract media attention. Below are some crucial dos and don’ts to think about before you exhibit at trade shows:

  1. Have your Information Ready to Hand Out

It is very important to have accessible information for those attracted to your business. This can range from brochures with all the important information about your company or business cards. If people take interest in your company, they need to have your contact information or they will not be able to get in contact with you.  Most people will throw away all the loads of paper they are handed out, so make sure that you are concise with what you are handing out. Make sure to have these tangible forms of communication ready in advance so you are not charged with any expedited charges.

  1. A Clean Looking Display

It is okay if you do not have a substantial budget set aside for the display; however, having a nice display is very important. Try eye-catching elements that will set your booth apart from others. It is key that those who pass by are aware of what you are selling. You don't want them to walk away because there is too much going on. Make sure your message is getting across right in the beginning. You do not want your booth to look unprofessional or people will not trust your business and walk away. 

  1. Giveaways

The whole goal is to drive traffic to your booth, so how does one do that? It's known that people love free gifts and having a giveaway can help you accomplish your goal. Giving away little keychains, masks, or pens with your company name and logo is a great way to drive people to your booth. Not only are they going to check our your booth bringing in potential customers, but they will have a token to take away with them and remind them of your brand. Staying relevant in the consumers mind is crucial, because it is harder to gain new customers than to keep loyal ones. 

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