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Making the Most Out of Small Trade Show Spaces

Making the Most Out of Small Trade Show Spaces

Making the Most Out of Small Trade Show Spaces

Renting out space at popular conventions can be a costly endeavor- but a smaller space doesn’t mean your company can’t pack a big punch! Partnering with an experienced design team to discuss services and methods to strategically reach your target audience is the first step.

Create a Cohesive Theme

With engaging design and clear vision, promoting your brand can be done effectively in any sized space! Working with a seasoned creative team to determine your narrative and execute design ideas will be an integral part of your preparation process. Once this is done, and you’ve decided on your story, it’s time to explore what materials you’ll need to tell it. Custom banners including your company branding are a fantastic asset for this, and are sure to make your Trade show booth Las Vegas NV stand out from the crowd.

Custom Banners and Backdrops

Exhibit Potential are true experts in the field of trade show booth design, and have the tools and experience to bring your vision to life. Display Banners Las Vegas NV are a good place to start, and can be produced in whatever size needed to fit in your trade show space. Other booth accessories, such as hanging signs, monitor stands, and light displays will elevate your space, and set you apart from your competitors. Along with these design and production services, Exhibit Potential offers installation, dismantling, and removal services to ensure the trade show experience is as smooth as possible for your company.

The ‘Wow’ Moment

The greatest way to make a lasting impression with your smaller trade show space is to deliver a ‘wow’ moment for potential customers. Discovering what this is for your company will require some outside of the box thinking, and will ultimately be specific to your product and your company mission. For instance, if you have a nature-adjacent company or product, a living-wall covered in succulents or other plants may be your ‘wow’ factor, drawing customers to your booth and starting conversations. Alternatively, hanging light displays can offer aesthetic value to your space, and associate your company with a high level of creativity and care in the work you produce. Going the extra mile is worth it, especially when working with smaller spaces!

Make the most of your trade booth space with the team at Exhibit Potential! Visit https://exhibitpotential.com for any trade show banner Las Vegas NV needs, or general creative consulting, today!


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