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What You Need To Know When Renting A Trade Show Booth

What You Need To Know When Renting A Trade Show Booth

Save Money, Time, Gain Flexibility With Rental Options


Whether you are newly in need of a trade show booth or are an experienced San Diego, CA, trade show booth user, deciding whether to rent or buy a trade show display is a big decision. Determining whether to rent a trade show booth San Diego companies consider the frequency of their trade show needs and whether they will reuse the booth. When looking to make the right decision, companies should engage with a trusted trade show exhibit contractor like Exhibit Potential, which can provide comprehensive trade show services, from concept and design, to set-up, strike, and storage.

What are some of the main advantages to renting a trade show display? Here are a few:

  • Flexibility. The needs for your trade show booth can vary from show to show. When renting, you will not be encumbered with designing and building different booths for different sites. When you rent with a contractor who will store your booth, you can also more easily add elements to meet the needs of each show where you need a strong presence.
  • Cost. The total cost of a trade show booth San Diego companies may use includes several components. There’s the design and construction costs themselves, but also the transportation, set up, strike, and storage needs. When you add up all of these components, building your own booth may not make fiscal sense. In addition, trade show booths can take a beating during a show, and all of those dings, scratches and dents need to be repaired before the next show comes around.
  • Ease of Use. When you choose to work with a top trade show exhibit contractor, your San Diego, CA, company will have peace of mind. You will not have to deal with the logistics and headaches of working with trade show hosts. At Exhibit Potential, for example, we work closely with the site hosts to ensure that we understand the timing, regulations, guidelines, and other logistics of getting your trade show booth delivered and up and running. When your staff arrive, they can focus on the work, not on the set up of your booth.

Is renting right for you? To answer that question, you need to determine whether the logistics and expense of your trade show business strategy make renting the right solution. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How many trade shows will you attend each year? With only a few shows a year, renting is often the sensible choice and allows you to test the waters of trade show booth designs and needs.
  • Is your business new? With tight marketing budgets, you often need to save money from the expense of building, maintaining, and storing exhibit booths. For those companies new to the trade show world, renting is a good, safe choice.
  • Do you have trade shows at the same time? Trying to be in two places at once is, well, impossible. But renting your booth gives you great flexibility to ensure that booths are consistent with your brand in multiple locations.

With Exhibit Potential as your trusted trade show exhibit contractor, your trade show rental needs are taken care of!


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