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3 Design Elements To Include in Your Trade Show Booth

3 Design Elements To Include in Your Trade Show Booth

Make Your Trade Show Booth Las Vegas Ready

Trade shows require an investment of both time and money. In order to maximize the return on investment for your trade show booth, it is vital to have a display that reflects the best of your business and attracts the interest of those who pass by. In busy cities like Las Vegas where trade shows are significantly larger, it is critical that your booth is built to stand out among competitors. Exhibit Potential is here to help make your trade show booth Las Vegas ready.

If you’re looking to develop a trade show display, or to give an existing booth a face-lift, the Exhibit Potential team suggests incorporating these three elements:


  1. Accessories


Among the many other booths present at trade shows, accessories are a simple way to set your business apart from its competitors. A simple display is less likely to attract a crowd; in contrast, booths that feature backlit graphics, interesting table covers, iPad stands, etc., offer opportunities for visitors to engage with your company.

  1. Banners

Well-designed, well-placed banners distinguish your business and help cut through the noise of often chaotic trade shows. Effective signage requires thoughtful design, careful choice of materials, and a well-conveyed message; when done right, signage and banners enhance your presence and act as a warm invitation to visitors.

  1. Specialty Items

If you’re looking to strengthen the appearance of your trade show booth Las Vegas, specialty items are a sure way to do so. Specialty items come in many different forms, so it is important to pick items that reflect the personality of your brand. Unique, interesting items are sure to stop traffic and encourage guests to approach your space.

It can be difficult finding ways to stand out at large scale conventions, trade shows, and expos. Call the experts at exhibit potential to make your trade show booth Las Vegas ready and spend more time focusing on furthering your brand.


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