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Aesthetic Intelligence & Trade Shows: Why It Matters

Aesthetic Intelligence & Trade Shows: Why It Matters

Tradeshow Los Angeles CA booths are marketing; they represent your business, brand, product/service, and message. They are an integrated form of marketing that should align with your other marketing channels, in a way where consumers are receiving a consistent message, at all times. When it comes to marketing a business, nothing is more important than aesthetic intelligence. 

What is Aesthetic Intelligence?

Aesthetic intelligence is what will ultimately sell your product or service. Most people assume aesthetics are only physical; however, that is not the case. Aesthetics apply to all five senses, sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. Aesthetic intelligence is understanding your target audience, their likes, dislikes, preferences, needs, etc. and applying it to your brand, in terms of how it appeals to their five senses.  

Aesthetics Intelligence & Trade Shows

Trade shows are a form of environmental and experiential marketing. When you step into a company’s booth, you are transported into the environment of their brand. When you travel, you are transported into a different environment, a different culture, where all five of your senses are being stimulated. You see the buildings. You eat the food. You smell the fresh air. You hear the different wildlife or sounds of the urban environment. You are being sold the experience of being in that city or country, to the point where you fall in love and are compelled to go back again. The same applies to tradeshow Los Angeles CA displays. 

Even if you sell clothing, you want to sell your clothing through the experience of your brand, at the booth. This is why aesthetic intelligence is so important to not only environmental or experiential marketing, but marketing in general. The more research you do on your audience, the more you will know, to properly prepare you for the most optimal trade show experience. 

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