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Kurtz Farms Trade Show Booth

How to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

Trade shows are a great way for your company to gain exposure and introduce your brand to potential customers, but it can be tricky to stand out in a sea of other booths. It can be easy to get overlooked next to flashy signs and gimmicky displays. To ensure your booth is successful and worth your time and effort, it is best to be strategic about how to make your booth stand out. Here are some ways to help guarantee your trade show exhibit is remembered by attendees.

Start Early 

Determining your goals and objectives for a trade show exhibit is the first step towards success. Once you know what you want to achieve from this event you can begin to plan and brainstorm ideas for your booth. Be aware of what shows you want to attend and what audiences you aim to attract. It is also important to plan out the finances for your exhibit to ensure you don’t have to compromise on quality later. What may seem cheap and easy now, could be a waste of money later on. Look into potentially renting a trade show exhibit if full customization is not in your budget. 

Develop a Clear Theme

After you have set your objectives and brainstormed the next step is to create a clear theme that communicates your brand to attendees. It doesn’t have to be complex or flashy, but it does need to tell a story to potential customers. For example, if your product is based out of Hawaii or somewhere beachy you could create a tropical theme  for your trade show exhibit that displays the energy of your company. A theme is a great way to quickly show your potential customers who your brand is. 

Use Simple Eye Catching Graphics

Eye catching graphics are a great way to enhance your trade show booth and attract potential customers. This could be done with custom signage or even a screen with digital graphics. They can draw attention, but also inform attendees about your product or company. Try not to overwhelm people with too much information or loud text, but simply make it eye catching and clear. Having too much going on can make a trade show exhibit feel busy and confuse the main message.

At Exhibit Potential we offer full-service, custom design, fabrication and management for trade show exhibit events. Our extensive start-to-finish services, experience, knowledge and resources will help take the stress out of your next trade show experience. If you are looking for advice on getting the right trade show exhibit for your company or need help with navigating the many details of attending a trade show, contact the experts at Exhibit Potential. Visit our many products at www.ExhibitPotentialStore.com.

Exhibit Potential is a full-service, custom design, fabrication and management trade show exhibit company. Our extensive start-to-finish services, experience, knowledge and resources will help take the stress out of your next trade show experience.
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