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Trade Show Banners Design Tips

Trade Show Banners Design Tips

The display of your booth and trade show banners Los Angeles CA when attending a trade show is essential to properly representing your company. It is important that it is unique, professional and true to your brand. There are a few tips you can follow to ensure you are making the right design decisions for your trade show booth Los Angeles CA.

Double Sided Banner Stands

Double sided banners are a very innovative way to advertise your company in the best way possible. It allows for more information to be displayed on the banner and can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room, likely to draw in more customers.

Oversized Banner Stands

A banner which is larger than those surrounding is far more likely to stand out and be eye catching. This could also lead to savings on costs by having one large banner rather than multiple smaller banners.

Incorporate the correct elements

Your banner should include your company's logo and tagline. It is also important to add contact information such as your website or phone number for customers to easily reach you.

Use the right colors

The colors of your banner and the elements on it are more important than you may think. Bright and bold colors are eye catching and more likely to draw in more attention. You also want to keep in mind that the audience should easily be able to see your banner from both far away and up close. Patterns are busy backgrounds make it harder to read what is on your banner so it is good to stick to a basic background. Using a generous amount of white or negative space can assist your banner in making it easier to read and appear less crowded.

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