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Bringing Your A-Team to Your Trade Show Booth

Bringing Your A-Team to Your Trade Show Booth

So you’ve booked your trade show, got your trade show banners from Exhibit Potential, and you’re ready to make an impression at the event! Now, who are you bringing?Here are a few of our tips on how to staff your trade show exhibits Las Vegas NV.


Know Your Roles

Each member of your trade show booth should have a defined role they play in the overall success of the event. There are four main roles at any trade show exhibit, as Nimlok defines. There are crowd gathers, who draw guests into your booth and engage them in the initial greeting, and hosts, who go beyond greeting by scanning show badges, handing out any materials, and directing guests to their areas of interest. Then there are lead gathers, whose job is to study up on product information and answer questions visitors may have. Finally, identify your presenters- these are your best public speakers- who can give in-booth presentations, engage your audience, and drive sales. 


Prep Your Team

Your trade show exhibit should run like a well-oiled machine, meaning your team should be as prepared as possible ahead of the event. Prior to the trade show, presentations and pitches should be rehearsed and nailed down, and all members of your team should be trained and reminded of proper booth etiquette. Everyone should have a detailed schedule including their position at the trade show booth. 


Establish Expectations

Along with preparing your team for their individual roles, it is also important to establish the company goals and objectives of the event. What kind of persona do you want to emulate to guests? What are your sales goals at this event? Review grooming and proper attire, what to say (and what not to say), and make sure your team has brushed up on knowledge of your company and product, even if their main role is not lead gathering. 

Now that you’ve secured your team, Exhibit Potential is here to make your booth look its best! For all your needs regarding your trade show booth, trade show banners, or trade show exhibits in Las Vegas NV, visit https://exhibitpotential.com/ today.

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