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Improve Your Trade Show Booth Design Las Vegas, NV

How to Step-up Your Trade Show Booth Design

Trade shows are your time to shine and grab the attention of all the attendees. This is why it is essential to make sure your booth is as unique as your brand’s offerings. At an event, your company needs to prioritize what you can do to set your trade show booth design apart from the rest. Follow these simple tips for a trade show exhibit design proven keys to success:

  1. Remember the purpose: At a trade show you are not as focused on selling your goods or services as you are promoting the brand. This is a designated time for a company to increase brand recognition and word of mouth. The best way to execute this goal within your booth’s design is by making it as interactive as possible. Make the layout open and welcoming so that attendees want to step inside and learn more about what you offer. Have prototypes or testers out so others can try out what your company does and then have the opportunity to ask you any questions directly.
  2. Handouts go along way: Who doesn’t love free things? From coffee and pastries to mini demos, handouts are the way to be remembered. Not only is it a physical reminder that they attended your booth, but it is the most guaranteed way to have a long lasting impression (even when an attendee spends limited time). This is because trade shows are overwhelming with rows and rows of booths that contain very similar information. After a long day, attendees often reflect on their favorites and what better way to be remembered than with a physical item that is specific to your company.
  3. Be on social: Social media is the premier way to keep your visitors connected. Be prepared with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handles to pass out when the attendees approach your booth. As an added bonus, if your media accounts are filled with many loyal followers, this will add to the credibility of your company.

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