How did you get started in the tradeshow business?

We bought the Exhibit system, I was like, "Wow, I have a 500 square foot office." I'm like, "I have six crates of Exhibit equipment coming," and I had no place to put it. We rushed out, I got a warehouse, I got an office. Got a forklift, just literally became an Exhibit house at the snap of a finger. I work in the office during the say and build booths at night and hire my friends and just built a business around that.

What are some tradeshow myths?

I think it's not going to go away, even with technology and everything these days, they try to do this thing a long time ago, a couple of years ago where you would just do automated trade shows, where you'd actually virtually walk through place like a first person game or something like that, and the connection wasn't there, the personality wasn't there, the warmth wasn't there. None of it was there, and it just never really did anything.

Why do companies fail at tradeshows?

Even things like putting a logo on too many times. People want to have their logo everywhere, but sometimes putting a logo around is just too much. You shouldn't have it on every square inch of your booth. It's like put it here and then maybe here and that's it. You don't need it in 15 different places. It looks kind of weird. People just don't think about that kind of stuff.

Why are tradeshows still important?

There's a myth about, "We're gonna bring the product there and we're gonna have so many orders afterwards," and it just doesn't work that way. Even with the people that have the experience, they don't know what they want to accomplish at the show, with getting the leads and all that kinda stuff and not following up with them afterwards, like there's some sort of magic solution once you're there.

What Is The Process For a Successful Tradeshow?

I think that for an exhibitor to have a successful show is, like you said, they're very expensive. Right? They need to understand how much a trade show costs to do. You have your raw space that you have to buy, which that's not negotiable. That's what it costs.