The Exhibit Potential Virtual Experience


Exhibit Potential is now offering complete VR solutions.  No matter where your audience is interacting with your brand, the experience should be a memorable one.  Currently, most digital events only allow exhibitors the basic options to stream video, post PDFs and PowerPoint presentations in 2D, where the experience can fall flat.  When you add a third dimension to their experience you can drive real engagement and create a lasting impression.


VR Packages Include:

  • Interactive hotspots: Text, video, Zoom meetings (requires account), audio, graphics, embedded websites, file downloads, social media sharing, quizzes and more
  • Video Meetings:  Allows viewers to call into video chat with reps and other viewers.
  • Advanced Analytics:  Tracks data in the Virtual Environment giving you the ability to see what the viewers are clicking, how they move through the environment and which hotspots are most effective
  • VR Headsets:  Works with Samsung VR Gear, Oculus and VR Box Headsets (equipment not included)
Exhibit Potential VR Booth (1)

Exhibit Potential Virtual Reality Booth

With so many shows going virtual now you’ll want to create a unique user experience for your clients and attendees.  To give you a better idea of what that experience will be like we’ve made our own virtual booth for you to check out. 

Virtual Reality Exhibit Kits

Not sure where to start?  Check out our affordable predesigned virtual booths.  Any of these booths can be customized to your brand’s unique needs.

VR Booth Kit Image
VR Booth Demos

Virtual Reality Exhibit Demos

Explore the endless possibilities for virtual showrooms, storefronts and exhibits.  Custom Virtual Environments can be designed in any form you can imagine.  It’s a great way to showcase all of your products and services in one easily navigable virtual environment.

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