5 Tradeshow Las Vegas NV Booth Trends of 2020

Just like marketing, if you want your business to be ahead of the competition, you need to focus on the trends. See what will make you stand out and what will attract customers to your company. Check out these five new trends for tradeshow Las Vegas NV booths in 2020.

Warm and Homey

Gone are the days where tradeshow booths are cold and white...well, sort of. While there are still many modern looking booths out there, more and more companies are opting for a more warm and inviting design that feels like home.

Unique Flooring

In a way to maximize visual appeal to help entice people to set into your booth, people are utilizing the floor. Choosing unique flooring for your trade show booth also allows you to add more warmth and comfort. The best flooring to choose isn’t carpet, but rather vinyl or some sort of printed flooring.


If your business values corporate social responsibility or sustainable business practices, consider that in your trade show display. Find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, whether that be within your structure, supply chain, or handouts.

Less Signs, More Fixtures

Tradeshow Las Vegas NV booths are starting to fade into one another as more people are catching up to the same standards and features. Think out of the box with this new trend: Less Signs, More Fixtures. If your budget allows, instead of signs to attract attendees from afar, try a cool lighting fixture, such as a chandelier. Just make sure it goes with your brand and your booth design. 

Booth Seating

Nothing is worse than losing customers because people are leaving due to foot or leg fatigue. Have them take a load off at their booth and put in some seating. This will not only be appreciated by attendees, but it will give them a chance to see your exhibit and hear what you have to say.

For new trends and ideas for your trade show booth display, contact Exhibit Potential to speak with a specialist!