The beMatrix Modular Frame System

The beMatrix Modular Frame System provides a solution for just about any structure you can imagine. An exhibit system should not limit your creativity, which is why this system can be used for virtually any shape or form you design and has the quickest construction time of all the systems available.

The system is based on aluminum weight-bearing structure on to which you can attached fabric and hard panels. The frames go together quickly and without any special tools or technical equipment. Regardless of how you mount the stand, with or without shelving, screens and many other accessories, the result is always sleek and great looking.

Designs are available to purchase or to rent.

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Demo: The Next Generation Frame System.

The Next Generation Frame System. Regardless if you have a small, medium or large exhibit the beMatrix Modular Frame System is the quickest building frame system on the market. The system is tool-less and uses both fabric and substrate panels. The system is reconfigurable to different designs and sizes. It's the last exhibit you'll need to buy.

Product Features

  • It combines the modular aspect of a custom-build look.
  • Great ROI thanks to a fast build-up and endless reusability. You save on material and manpower.
  • Light weight and packs in fewer crates.

Custom Designs And Booth Packages Are Available

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